> Joerg Schmidt shared an interesting whitepaper from Microsoft "White
> Paper: OpenOffice / LibreOffice Evaluation Criteria" on the dev-de list.
> I found it interesting and thought it can be of interest for others here
> as well.
> Juergen
> http://www.whymicrosoft.com/see-why/openoffice-evaluation-criteria/

I have read the white paper (why it is called white is another story) and I
think that it is the usual market nonsense. Microsoft is loosing money and
they want to find a way to get their former customers back. An interesting
comment included in this "white" paper is the following one:

Microsoft Office 2010 boosts Indian IT firm's productivity by 30 percent.

I just wonder how the prodictivity of an IT company is increased by using 
a word processor or a lousy database?
Apostolos Syropoulos
Xanthi, Greece


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