On 23.06.2015 20:46, Regina Henschel wrote:
> But now I have this problem:
> I start module Math with a fresh document, I write a formula into the 
> command window (e.g. a^2+b^2) and then try to save as *.mml.
> I get the errors cited below. I have not used any operations with the 
> clipboard. A build from current trunk does not have this error, so it 
> must be something, which I have introduced. But I do not know, what are 
> possible causes and where to start.
> Errormessages:
> Locking problem.
> Sharing violation while accessing the object.

this is a problem with file locking that generally only manifests on
Windows: a file has been opened once and is opened a second time; the
second opening fails.  for example, the SvStream class uses file locking
by default.

check for code that opens the file for debug purpose and forgets to
close it, or memory leak of something that contains an open file handle.

or perhaps you have the file open in a text editor?

if it's not obvious try SysInternals Process Monitor, it can trace
system calls and their return values, and even display stack traces of
the calls.


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