Am 08/29/2015 12:11 AM, schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
On 26/08/2015 Andrea Pescetti wrote:
The three patches for the "basic" part are probably easier to understand

I started the changes by porting these 3 patches. Note that in
I will follow exactly the order of the commits in
so that others can verify step-by-step or take over if needed (in
reality this means changing the same files multiple times, so it is
slower, but it is safer).

The revision now in SVN already builds as OpenOffice 4.1.2, even though
the metadata update is not yet complete.

thanks for giving the new release a name. ;-)

I'm always again astonished how many lines need to be touched to turn up the version number.

I don't know if there is a logic in attributing the new build number.

Me too. However, we should keep an eye on it that the trunk builds don't have or get the same build ID.


I still don't know, but 9780 seemed a reasonable choice and I used 9780.

Note that you will need to clean up your build environment when you
build (I will send a dedicated mail once metadata update is completed).

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