Am 09/15/2015 06:27 PM, schrieb Niklas Johansson:
I've contributed an accessibility related patch to LibreOffice which I'd
like to see included in Apache OpenOffice.

that's great. We appreciate every new code contribution.

How do I best go about doing that. I do not mind relicensing the patch
(as I understand it that should be possible

Sure, when you are the author of the patch, then it's your decision about the licenses to use.

> However I'm not sure how to contribute to OpenOffice and I'm
not really that thrilled about setting up
a developer environment for OpenOffice just to push a two line fix.

I would recommend a new entry in our issue tracker [1], so that the issue is documented. Then you can add the patch as file and state that you put the patch under ALv2.

If it's really only 2 lines, then IMHO it should be easy that other devs are testing it.

Finally, a short mail about the issue ID as reply to this mail thread should notify the devs that the patch is available.




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