[Statistics captured for the 2016Q2 report to the ASF Board]

Deployment and Take-Up

For the eight months since release of AOO 4.1.2 through 2016-06-30, 
there are 29 million downloads, averaging about 850,000 per week down
to about 600,000 as we enter North American Summer in the last week.  
Platform take-up is relatively constant:

   87.5% for Windows,
    7.8% for Macintosh, and
    4.7% for all other distributions
US destinations have the greatest number of downloads by nationality,
representing but 15% of the total.  English language localization
is chosen for 41% of recent downloads, with 11 languages in the top
92%: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Polish,
Portuguese, Chinese and Dutch in decreasing order.  The remaining 8% 
includes 27 additional languages and the SDK.

Although release 4.1.1 achieved a higher rate in its 16-month reign with
48 million downloads, 4.1.2 could reach or exceed that in the same time.

SourceForge serving of downloads has continued with its much-improved
usability and up-time.

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