Hi Damjan;
GPL apps are apparently not allowed in the Apple App Store (
http://www.zdnet.com/article/no-gpl-apps-for-apples-app-store/), and if the
source code is under the GPL, it doesn't stop being so in binary form, so
I'd love to know how they get away with it.


The GPL vs Apple thing is pure propaganda: as long as the copyright owners don't complain Apple will not pull down the application.

In the VLC case one of the copyright owners complained so the community
ended up relicensing the code[1] and now the application is back.

The Battle of Wesnoth is another case where the game is GPLv2 and available (for money) on iOS. There is some internal agreement the
resulting money helps someone in the community and the sourcecode
is available.

NeoOffice does ship in the Apple store and the source code is rather
hard to get by (they use a private CVS, I think). They (ab)use the fact
that the copyright owners don't really care about making money from OOo

They use code from LibreOffice but TDF doesn't have much control over the complete codebase. I think the ASF could stop it from being
distributed but we are not in the business of enforcing the GPL.

This said, the NeoOffice app store version seems to have way
too many limitations, and this is something that tends to happen with
all such "app stores" that expect some sort of sandboxing.

Just my $0.02,


[1] http://www.videolan.org/press/lgpl-libvlc.html

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