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    RESOLUTION: That Marcus Lange (marcus) be recommended to the
    Apache Software Foundation Board to serve as Vice President 
    for Apache OpenOffice.  

The Vice President for Apache OpenOffice serves in accordance with and subject 
to the direction of the Board of Directors and the Bylaws of the Foundation.  
The Vice President for Apache OpenOffice is the Chair of the OpenOffice Project 
Management Committee.

Please vote by reply to this dev@-list thread on approval of the resolution.

 [  ] +1 Approve
 [  ]  0 Abstain
 [  ] -1 Disapprove, with explanation

This is a procedural vote and a majority of binding votes is sufficient to 
carry the resolution.

Please do not do anything but [VOTE] (with any -1 explanations) on this thread.

To discuss this vote or the process, please use a [DISCUSS][VOTE] reply rather 
than discussing on the [VOTE] thread.

The [VOTE] will conclude no sooner than Monday, 2016-09-19T16:00Z.

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