On 9/18/2016 12:14 AM, Marcus wrote:
Am 09/18/2016 07:45 AM, schrieb Peter Kovacs:
Hmm, does anyone know an artist that has some time and can draw a splash
I would love to see the next edition Called 4.1.3 Phoenix addition, And
I would love to see a Splashscreen that shows an Phönix carry the AOOo
Logo upward.
That would make a statement. Actually thinking of it, if this is liked
by the community I would pledge 50 Euro for an acceptable artwork (means
liked by AOOo. If this is dev or all involved we could discuss.).

a new splash screen would be indeed cool. But for a bugfix release? No,
let's do this art work for 4.2.0. Then we will have more time for ideas,

I agree. We have enough to do for 4.1.3 just dealing with build glitches. Let's keep the bugfix point releases to fixing bugs, and go splashy with the next feature release.

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