Am 09/19/2016 03:46 PM, schrieb Patricia Shanahan:
User opinions are important, especially on the seriousness of a bug.

On 9/19/2016 6:36 AM, Matthias Seidel wrote:
In my opinion it *should* be a release blocker because at the moment AOO
is unusable on Linux (Ubuntu).

IMHO "unusable" is the wrong description. I've no problem. Why? Maybe I don't use en-US. ;-)

Sure a large portion of users have problems to work with styles. But "unuseable" has a total different meaning - at least for me.

If not for 4.1.3 then for 4.1.4. As I understand it there is already a
fix in the trunk for 1 1/2 year?

With this I don't say it should not go into 4.1.3. At the end it's the decision of our release manager where to put the fix.

But I am only a user and leave those decisions to the developers... ;-)


Am 19.09.2016 um 15:10 schrieb Patricia Shanahan:
Recently, we have only been adding changes for 4.1.3 if they are
necessary to building it. If you request 4.1.3 release blocker for a
general bug fix, please discuss the reasons for putting the particular
change in.

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Subject: [Issue 125147] CRASH applying styles to text
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 11:33:56 +0000

--- Comment #26 from hanya <> ---
(In reply to Matthias Seidel from comment #25)
(In reply to hanya from comment #24)
Fixed on trunk, revision 1668939.

Has this fix been applied/tested only for english language?

Because the same crash still occurs in AOO4.1.2 on other languages
french and swedish are confirmed). -> Issue 126980
I could confirm issue 126980 even with en-US on Ubutntu 16.04.1. This
125147 does not related to any language pack. But the reson of the
crash is the same, null pointer referencing.

I see the target milestone is 4.2.0?
It would be better now to set it to 4.1.3 and ask for release
If it would be part of 4.1.3, it's better. I thought next release
would be 4.2
when I found the fix.

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