I had installed 64-bit Cygwin installed here before I started on compiling AOO. I hit problems, and had to go to the recommended 32-bit Cygwin.

However, things have changed a bit since then, so it may be worth seeing if it works.

On 9/19/2016 8:59 AM, John D'Orazio wrote:
I also read somewhere that maybe using 64 bit cygwin can resolve the
occupied addresses and child_fork_process errors. I made an attempt at
getting the build environment ready in 64 bit cygwin but configure is
complaining about not finding Visual Studio C++, while this does not happen
in 32 bit cygwin (I'm passing in the with-cl-home flag so it shouldn't have
any problem finding it... I'm reading it has something to do with registry
keys, idk I have to look into this better).

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