Patricia Shanahan wrote:
How would granting 4.1.3_release_blocker on this impact progress on the

It wouldn't have had a major impact, but in this case (as later clarified in the issue) the blocker request is simply a misunderstanding.

As a general rule, we first apply fixes on trunk and then copy them to AOO413. Dictionary updates were considered "release-specific" in this case and thus only applied to AOO413, but it's clearer to always update on trunk and then port; so I've just merged the fixes back to trunk -where they conflicted, since we had already updated a few dictionaries on trunk- to align the branches.

Anyway, progress on the builds is independent of specific issues; once you deem that people should start building (i.e., that no important issues are left; it seems we do not have pending work), just state the revision that people should build and we'll coordinate for the Release Candidate build.


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