Am 10/13/2016 09:12 AM, schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
Jörg Schmidt wrote:
no reasonable planning takes place.
How can it be that even though *there was a help offer for the
translation*, a press release is simply published in English without
coordinating internationally?

I agree with Joerg here. We did it for the release notes, and we can do
it for the announcements (Press releases) too.

Two thing must be said: there was no time for coordination since the
press release had been accidentally made available before the planned
date; and the press release is traditionally kept confidential before
issuing it (while the Release notes are not).

Still, I agree that translation volunteers must be given access to the
Press Release so that they can translate it and issue it soon after the
English one. We must make sure to do so starting with the next release.

I'm sorry when something was not understood. I got the request from Joerg (and Dick for Dutch) to translate it press release. However, there was not hint that we should wait until this is ready. I really didn't thought that this was important.

We will add this task to the cookbook and consider it for the next release.

Again, I'm sorry when the timing was not perfectly coordinated.

Joerg, what if we create a copy of the Press Release on the CWiki and we
append each translation as child page? Would it work? I'm going to do
the same for Italian as soon as I have some time for it. And then we
will edit the English blog post to link to translations.

That's for sure a good idea. Then we can link to the translated text.


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