On 10/15/2016 10:17 AM, Alex Suk wrote:
Damjan Jovanovic wrote
But even at a rate of rewriting 1000 lines per day in Java, it would take
10000 days, which is about 28 man years, to rewrite OpenOffice's 10
lines of code...
Do 10M lines in C++ convert to 10M lines in Java? Is it a 1:1 conversion?

An automated transformation will almost always be close to a 1:1 conversion because that is easier to do.

Regardless, it is a tricky business and difficult to get it right. It is difficult to do the conversion, and even the clean-up after the conversion is tricky business.

Are there successful examples similar in magnitude to AOO in the software
world of such code rewrites from language A to language B? How did they make
Is it possible to reduce the 10M lines for conversion by for example
omitting Draw and Base from the suite?
Can this conversion be performed in a modular way?
Many thanks for answering.

Andrew Pitonyak
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