Am 10/16/2016 um 2:52 PM schrieb Marcus:
Am 10/16/2016 03:17 AM, schrieb Raphael Bircher:
I'm honest, I'm a bit surprised by this project. Some weeks there was
rumors, that the project is dead, and some weeks later you put out the
new version. I know exactly what it takes to release a new version of
AOO. So congratulation to you guys.

Well, i have not so much time as in the past. I have a realy important
project (nothing to do with Computers). But I will do some
contributions. BTW. The moast viewed Video on my YouTube Channel is one
about Apache OpenOffice.

For the people how don't know me. I'm a OpenOffice community member
since late 2005 and a initial committer of Apache OpenOffice in 2011. I
stepped back from the Apache OpenOffice PMC at the beginning of 2015.
Since then I was silent. My main focus was on QA. What I do next, we

QA is indeed an area where we can need more help - and when you know what needs to be done, then even better.
I thinked, we have the worest issue tracker of all opensource project util I saw the one from NetBeans. ;-)

will see. ;-) FYI I switched OS. I'm now on Windows 10 and not an OS X.

Ah, new times. :-)
You thinked, I could take over this nasty Mac Bug? I don't like it, but I will sacerface my self. I have still some Mac around, but they are not update. BTW I don't switched because the software. I still love Mac OS X, but I hate the Apple Hardware. Now I have a Lenovo X240. Since I'm not a fan of Linux Desktop, Windows is the only real option. Windows 10 is finaly better then expected ;-) The only thing i realy miss ist the commandline :,)

Regards Raphael

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