Hello all,

I look at the headerfiles main/registry/inc/registry on trunc (not updated for a week or two).

   -> reader.hxx -> comment states not threadsave.

   -> writer.h and writer.hxx -> both again are not thread save.

Are we sure that the registry is only written in a non multithread level? If not we have to make them thread save.

I would plead for thread safety independently if we need it or not. I personly do not like the naked mutex constructs used on the code, because they are difficult to use.

I suggest to use Locking semantics in Object Oriented Programming (Modern C++ design, Andrei Alexandresu, 2009).

   -> relfread.hxx -> active but depreciated code, only a comment says
   that instead of this code we should use the non thread save reader.

   -> refltype.hxx -> has a depreciated comment that refers to an old
   UNO Model. (<3.2.0)

   -> reflwrite.hxx -> depreciated code...

Depreciated Code. Should be removed.

What I would like to raise the 2 issues in Bugzilla. Are there any objections, or is this something already documented?

Havent Found anything in Bugzilla. I am sure I forget because I am just half way through my first code review and I am actually looking for something else at the moment.

I would go for a change after my review. Maybe if it is okay I put more such stuff in.

all the best


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