Not sure if this will fix but I myself found that avoiding paths with
spaces can fix a number of errors. So I had the Windows SDK installed to a
custom path where I substituted spaces with underscores. Then in my
configure script I have:


As for the JDK home path, I was not able to customize the installation path
but you can get the short form of the path using the cygpath tool. For

cygpath -m -s "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_73"

will give you "C:/PROGRA~2/Java/JDK18~1.0_7", so in my configure script I


Same with NSIS, I installed it to a custom path with no spaces and in my
configure script I have:


For dmake and epm I am using the sourceforge mirrors as suggested by Andrea


Maybe give this a try and see if it helps any?

John R. D'Orazio

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 12:58 AM, Patricia Shanahan <> wrote:

> I tried to build AOO413 on Windows 10, and got a failure:
> /MAP /OPT:NOREF -safeseh -nxcompat -dynamicbase -NODEFAULTLIB -RELEASE
> -out:../../../../../../../
> -map:../../../../../../../
> ../../../../../../../
> ../../../../../../../ ../../../../../../../
> msvcrt.lib msvcprt.lib kernel32.lib
> user32.lib oldnames.lib
> linking ../../../../../../../
> xe.manifest ...
> dmake:  Error code 31, while making '../../../../../../../wntmsci1
> dmake:  '../../../../../../../'
> removed.
> dmake:  Error code 255, while making 'Contrib/CmdLine/create_sRGB_p
> rofile/create_sRGB_profile.exe'
> dmake:  Error code 255, while making './
> _built_icc'
> 1 module(s):
>         icc
> need(s) to be rebuilt
> Reason(s):
> ERROR: error 65280 occurred while making /cygdrive/c/OpenOfficeDev/AOO4
> 13/main/icc
> I've attached the complete log, zipped, and the script containing my
> configure parameters.

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