Hello guys.

It stays as it is. Currently a merge is not possible. I assume this request
is not taken seriously on the LO side, since most information we had in
this discussion is pointing out the differences of both sister projects and
not advocate the things they share.
If anyone really wants to have a merge it will take him a lot of discussion
to convince both sides how much they have in common. Then if the positive
attitude seeds we would need a project which is done by both dev
communities. In order to build trust.

On the way we have some social issues to solve.
Even if Jörg expressed it in a emotional way, he is not wrong. Community
members of LO did damage their own renown. Maybe we have OO users that do
the same with our renown without our knowledge.

I do not see how this discussion can successfully stay on target. I would
like to point out this discussion was in my opinion mostly professional
conducted. That is a good sign in general. And I thank every one for the
try. I would like to see more of this professionalism from guests on our
list. Thanks a lot.

toki <toki.kant...@gmail.com> schrieb am Fr., 13. Jan. 2017, 08:22:

> On 01/13/2017 12:48 AM, Louis Suárez-Potts wrote:
> > I have long desired for there to be a useful confluence and even
> convergence of code, effort, vision
> The difference between the code base of the two projects is almost at
> the point where merging back into one is no longer a practical proposition.
> > and also because I did not see a solution to the situation.
> Reconcile yourself to having both LibO and AOo for as long their
> sponsoring foundations are willing to keep them.
> Personally, I am somewhat surprised that ODFTools hasn't been used as
> the core of an office suite that serves a specific target population
> that other office suites ignore.
> jonathon
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