Hi Vl

In Order to avoid missunderstandings.

Apache Open Office does not provide back ups for Microsoft Office.

We do provide an alternate solution to Microsoft Office.

You can download Apache Open Office from http://www.openoffice.org/

There is no key or what so ever needed to make use of the full capability of the suite.

Please note despite you can use all functionality of Open Office, we rely on voluntary help of the Product.

So any improvements are dependant on the voluntary help of its community. So I personally do not like to call the suite free.

But the price is felxible and depends on how you want to support the community.

If you tell us the language you nativly speak we can provide you maybe a link in your mother tongue.

All the best


On 16.02.2017 07:52, Vl l wrote:
Hi I was told thtat your company handles back ups and download of software
I lost during the crash trying to recover word, excel,power point access
all on mac for free. Thats what I was told you pprovide if I have a key.
What key is it? what is thekey and where do i find it. I own my notebook
and is noe registered to me. So what do I have to do to get the back up in
place and what do you need so I can download the softrware I need for free?
please le me know vladimir lopoyan 415 8711426  or via email
vl41...@gmail.com Thank you

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