Alexandro Colorado on 2017/06/22 12:07 said:
> aah would have been great to meet you unfortunately (fortunately) I live in
> Cancun and is pretty far from Mexico City. Good luck and dont drink the
> water :D

Dear Alexandro,

    We were planning to go to Cancun once, but in the end we dropped it
because we cannot catch the time line.  It would be nice to meet you.
We will take great care of the water.

Dave Fisher on 2017/06/22 13:19 said:
> Hi imacat,
> It’s been awhile. I hope you are well.
> For Apache wide community questions try this mailing list -

Dear Dave,

    Thank you for reminding me.  I cannot remember why I added
marketing@ to the recipients list.  Maybe just out of mind for a second.
 Sorry and thanks.

F C. Costero on 2017/06/22 23:54 said:
> I just copied imacat's message to the Spanish forum:

Dear Francis,

    Thank you.  That is really helpful.  I have trouble with Spanish
myself. ^^;

Best regards,
imacat ^_*' <>

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