Hi all,

I believe the 4.1.4 shows us, that we have to do a better job in QA. A minor release should never go to a rc5. I believe we all (and I pointing my finger to myself) underestimated the regression risk at the 4.1.4.

So, to do a better job in the 4.2.0 I propose the following changes.

- Define test areas, where tester should keep an extra eye on it. (based on the changes)
- Doing Developer Snapshots again in a 2 Week frequency (or so)
- Switch the AOO Profile for the snapshots to AOO-Dev
- mobilize the willing testers to keep a critical eye on this builds
- maybe also run the automated tests for Apache OpenOffice.

The idea is to make the bug cycle shorter. Improvements should be tested right after the implementation and not short before the release. A fresh bug is easyer to fix as a old one.

What do you think about this.

Regards Raphael

My introduction https://youtu.be/Ln4vly5sxYU

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