When I use 4.2.0, running on Xubuntu 16.04.03, to open an existing .odt file I 
get a small popup that informs me of "general error".  The file then opens 
correctly; starting 4.2.0 in a terminal gives no diagnostic.  Opening Writer 
from the start centre there is no such error message; I can generate a test 
document, but when I save, again I get an error "Error saving the document Tom: 
General Error".  However the file Tom.odt is actually saved (in spite of the 
error message), and will reopen giving the above "general error" message,

Opening an existing simple spreadsheet - a short list of description and amount 
- I get a Yellow exclamation mark and "Not all attributes could be read"; on 
dismissing this, the sheet opens correctly.

Rory O'Farrell <ofarr...@iol.ie>

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