I'd like to do many task like development, translations, graphic design, correcting and making user guides.  I can't use C++ but I can use html, php, css, javascript, vba.


Mª José Hidalgo Poderoso - Servicios para empresas
E-mail: mjhidal...@proyectosmj.es

El 09/04/2018 a las 18:31, Peter Kovacs escribió:
Welcome Mike,

I am Peter aka Petko. I am the first contact on recruiter list and try to explain how we do work and  trying to help among others to get every one who is interested into the project.

We have a tradition of self driven interest. We help you when you get stuck, but the desicion of what you and how much you want to do is up to you. :)

The biggest challenge we have is code development. And we always appreciate everyone who want to try. If you want to do the contribution in this area we do offer a first entry challenge: Building OpenOffice at your home. (Guide: [1]) If you get stuck, the most valueable advise is to ask on the lists.

The most important list for developers is the dev mailing [2] list, but you are welcome to ask on this list, too. Kepp in mind to mention if you are not subscribed. Sometimes we miss this. Also if you have other questions, or do not understand something ask them openly in the most direct form.

After a successfull build I suggest we talk what you can do next. I have a list on wiki with fun topics, plus we have some other fun stuff in reserve that focus on code enhancing. You pick then the next challenge to take. Step by step. I hope that sounds fine to you.

We do use SVN for versioning, but we offer a github repo, where you can pull from, but not push to.

all the best

[1] https://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/Documentation/Building_Guide_AOO
[2] mailto: dev@openoffice.apache.org

On 09.04.2018 03:57, Michael Sterling wrote:
Hello and Salutations,

   I have gone by many monikers over the years, but introduce myself here under the one which netted me the most financial and educational gains, 10-Key.


   Introduced to the concept of computing at a very young age with a Turing Machine on pen and paper, I fell in love with the simplicity and purity that is programming. From there it has been a rather spotty history I’m afraid.

   Beginning with GW BASIC and that banana chucking gorilla, I enjoyed sifting through other developers code and making small modifications to learn how things worked. Stepped up to Web Design for a small car dealership in my preteen years. Went to a technical college for a C.E.T., and got sidetracked from pure programming with the beauty of even more knowledge of how it all works. Went on to create a database system for a family owned video rental store -Anyone here remember those?- shortly thereafter, and then got my first introduction to C++.

   Thanks to GameInstitute.com, I wrote a 3D rendering engine during my time as a robotics specialist in the field. Thanks to the long hours and massive Red Bull and Coffee marathons on that project, a mistaken install of Java -The steamy liquid kind, not advisable btw- and my overall paranoia of integrating with society at large, 5 years of development were scrapped. Learning from that lesson, I now use Git and am in the process of setting up a file server for home use while scrambling to recover -RECREATE- those lessons.  Other previous projects include a Management Reporting Suite that imported flat file data for easier consumption in MS-Excel via VBA, a real time touchscreen data acquisition project for manufacturing, and a point and click MS-Access GUI in VB6, among others. More recent endeavors include the PHP/MySQL stack, the MEAN stack, p5.js data visualizations, The classic GoF Design Patterns, Neural Net exploration, and Game Development in Unity.

   Having a family, while amazing, does make my efforts at coding less concentrated than desired, however, approaching the big Four-Oh I find a need to dig in again and make a contribution. I am unsure where my skills will come in the most beneficial to the Apache OpenOffice project, but do have a sense of excitement to be joining a community working on a piece of software that I have come to adore.

   Thank You All
     for such an amazing suite, and for the opportunity for this old man to feel useful once more.

Mike S. [10-key]

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