On 09/24/2018 11:12 AM, Matthias Seidel wrote:
> [...] Support has ended and MS has pulled it from their server.
> [...]This is a major problem now for developers who want to
> set up a new building machine.[...]

Reliance on ancient/deprecated toolchain from a vendor -- who is known
for removing old versions of unsupported tools -- seems to be a major

Have you looked at the Windows dev VM that they've started in recent


It is a VM with recent builds of OS + SDK + WDK + VisualStudio installed.

It is available in VirtualBox and VMware formats, not just Hyper-V.

Having the MS tools preinstalled may save time to AOO contributors.

It is a large download, about 16gig, perhaps too big for some
contributors to easily download??

The VM is trialware, expires in a few months, so you have to download a
new VM ever few months.

I wonder how long Microsoft will decide to support this dev VM? Maybe it
is too soon to start relying on it? :-(

If the goal is to only to use ancient, deprecated tools, not just the
latest available binaries from the vendor, then this VM won't help.

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