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> Hello,
> Which concrete encryption method is used in _current_ versions of AOO when I 
> save files with password?
> (In OpenOffice.org, as far as I know, blowfish was used, but how is that in 
> current versions of AOO?)

I just want to repeat my answer from dev-de here.

For 4.1.x it is still blowfish. For 4.2.x you can alternatively choose
AES-256 (for ODF 1.2).
Settings are located at "Tools - Options - Load/Save - General"

Quoted from AOO 4.2.x online help:

      File encryption algorithm for ODF 1.2 format

Change the default file encryption from blowfish to AES-256 when ODF 1.2
is used. The default file encryption algorithm is blowfish but when ODF
1.2 is used the user can change the default to AES-256. Older encrypted
documents can still be loaded but new encrypted documents can't be
opened with older office versions. The AES-256 algorithm is more secure
than blowfish.



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