Hi Stella,

the search box ist part of the find toolbar. Maybe it was disabled but you can reactivate it via menu "View - Toolbars - Find".

I hope this helps.

Please allow me a few words in general:

This is not the right place to discuss user problems as it's the mailing list of the developers.

With your request you will have more success and get more answers via our user forums [1] or the users mailing list [2].


Thank you very much for your understanding.


> Betreff: Search filed (Search box)
> Von: Stella Ambroos <stellaam...@outlook.com>
> Datum: 11.10.19, 05:17
> An: "dev@openoffice.apache.org" <dev@openoffice.apache.org>
> Hi,
> The text document "Writer" had before a search filed (Search box)
> where one could write a word and in that way search for that word in
> the document. Now this field has suddenly disappeard. At least on my
> Apache OpenOffice. I have downloaded the latest version 4.1.7 but it
> is still the same. Can I have done something wrong? What can I do to
> get it back? I really miss it!
> Kind Regards,

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