On 20 Jun, Pedro Lino wrote:
> Hi Arrigo, all
> Development seems to be quite live at
> https://github.com/silnrsi/graphite

We are using SIL Graphite, http://silgraphite.sourceforge.net/

Looking at the Graphite technical overview page mentioned here:
under "Graphite engine implementations":

  There are two existing implementations of the Graphite engine. The
  original engine is packaged under the name "SilGraphite"; the initial
  implementation was done in 2000. The Graphite2 engine implementation
  began in 2010.

  The  SilGraphite engine is currently used by OpenOffice, XeTeX,
  FieldWorks, and WorldPad. It includes some features not included in
  Graphite2, but is considerably slower.  Graphite2 represents a
  significant (10x) optimization in terms of speed and greatly improved
  robustness, but does not include a few features such a ligature
  component handling and cross-line-boundary contextualization.
  Graphite2 is used by LibreOffice and Firefox.

  The two engines support different APIs. The Graphite2 API was
  specifically developed to be more compatible with the approach to text
  layout used by most commercial software. See the application
  development page for API documentation.

Graphite2 would be better, is currently supported, and Libreoffice
switched to it quite a while ago, but it is not a drop-in replacement.

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