Le 04/07/2021 à 19:11, Hagar Delest a écrit :
Well, that's strange, the EN-forum account was deactivated with the reason: Profile details changed. Not sure what is the root cause. Maybe you've tried to change something and without confirmation the system has deactivated your account.

Anyway I've reactivated your account, it should be fine now.


Le 04/07/2021 à 00:06, Neil Murphy a écrit :
I am told by the web site that my userid has been suspended. It does not say how to reach the administrator. So would you please re-instate me?
neilhmurphy at neilhmur...@outlook.com
For the record, after some exchanges with OP (everything fine now): he tried to change his mail but did not check his spam folder, where the notification landed. I guess that without any confirmation from the user, the forum system just deactivated the account. The problem is that it seems that accounts deactivated are not searchable by mail address in the database (I found the account by browsing the inactive users).


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