Hello Matthias,

On Sun, Feb 13, 2022 at 05:43:25PM +0100, Matthias Seidel wrote:

> Hi Arrigo,
> Am 13.02.22 um 17:22 schrieb Arrigo Marchiori:
> > Hello Matthias, All,
> >
> > On Fri, Feb 11, 2022 at 08:15:32PM +0100, Matthias Seidel wrote:
> >
> >> Hi Arrigo,
> >>
> >> Same here: Would this also be wanted in trunk and AOO42X?
> > I think so. This commit had to be adjusted because AOO42X and trunk do
> > not seem to support Java 1.7, whereas AOO41X did.
> >
> > I merged the other one about the `tmp' folder.
> >
> > Thank you for pointing this out! My bad; I should not work on trunk
> > directly...
> No problem, I just want to have the branches in sync as much as possible.



> The fix for "Azul" is just for building?
> I ask, because on Windows the Azul JDK is already detected. But it is
> listed as "OpenJDK" like the one from Adoptium. Maybe we can make that
> list a bit more clear?

The commit changes the logic that selects whether "mac.java.path"
shall be set to "mac.oracle.java.path" or "mac.apple.java.path".

Apparently, there are two ``families'' of JDK's under macOS, and each
family keeps its base classes in a different path.

This edit only affects building under macOS.

Do you suggest that an explanation like the above shall be integrated
into the file as a comment?

Best regards,

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