Am 10.03.22 um 18:21 schrieb Matthias Seidel:
Am 10.03.22 um 17:52 schrieb Pedro Lino:

Yes, it was updated on March 1st

Thanks to Andrea's clear instructions we now have one more trained "staff" to 
do this update ;)

I can confirm that it also works perfectly under Linux using the 4.1.12 Nightly 

Good to hear!

Maybe this is a good enough motive to release 4.1.12 to all?

This and some other goodies.

I think we can plan the release at this point, so maybe we have
something ready in April?

the more important thing is what we want to have ready for 4.1.2.
But this is not a topic for this thread. ;-)


On 03/10/2022 4:10 PM Matthias Seidel <> wrote:
Hi Pedro, all,

Am 19.02.22 um 17:56 schrieb Pedro Lino:
Hi Andrea, all

On 02/13/2022 10:11 PM Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:
I'm assuming lazy consensus on giving you permissions on the Extensions
site (not the site itself, actually, but the shell access). You should
post here your SourceForge username for you to be added.

Once we are ready with permissions we can then get into details of how
the feed works.
One week later, I assume no one opposes that I have permissions on the 
Extensions shell access?

Who can handle this so you can teach me further steps?
At least on Windows I now get an update notification for the English

So it seems to work again? Many thanks for that!

Looking at:

the download numbers increase now!

Note: With the next AOO release the update notifications should also
work for macOS/Linux again.




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