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> I go started down a rabbit hole this am when my husband told me Putin was
> contemplating bombing the US Embassey in Ukraine. A vacant building at this
> point but internet searches kept popping up about the embassy pulling
> docs/information about some bio labs housed in Ukraine that were/are
> jointly run by Ukraine/US and wholly funded by the US!
> Dare I say if this is true, the US has a MUCH LARGER stake in the future of
> Ukraine.
That is why all the Russian media is being censored by Europe, Canada,
US/UK; the fascist rulers of the latter pseudo-democracies do not want
their disinfo narrative to be challenged at all. Locally, Telegram
channels of RT.com, SputnikNews, are being censored. And Google (will
this email reach you ;-) , 'META', Twitter, GitHub, etc. are complicit
in this unprecedented censorship campaign.

But, indeed, even State Dept. Victoria 'Fuck the EU' Kagan Nuland,
confirmed the fact the US is funding biolabs in Ukraine.
 At the same time the 'exceptional nation' was collecting Slavic --
more specifically, Russian DNA. Why?
"Only one main thing is important for Nazism -- internationally
speaking. That is, that nations or states that are allowed to do
anything are the 'master races' [modern euphemism is 'the First
World,' i.e., genocidal thieves and plunderers] and then you have the
minor nations who are the slaves [modern euphemism is 'the Third
World,' i.e., displaced, surviving victims of plunder and theft by the
former]. For the Europeans, the slaves were/are 'Indians' and
Africans; for Hitler, they were Jews (not any anymore ;-), Gypsies,
and  Slavs."
Fascism: A History.
< https://rtd.rt.com/films/fascism-a-history >

Obviously, the US' 'exceptionalism' places its fascist rulers on the
same level as Napoleon, Hirohito, and Hitler. They are targeting
Russia and its people for annihilation by using Zionist -ruled Ukraine
and its Aidar, Tornado, Azov, Nazi batallions as proxies for a wider
conflict as there are ~ 175,000 thousand US/UK NATO forces surrounding
Russia... just ready for the spark of a CIA orchestrated false flag

> You can do your own search or enlist your son to help.
> I am more freaked out than ever. And if Biden knows all this -- which I'm
> sure he does -- he needs to get his ass in gear!
> https://www.newsweek.com/us-biological-weapons-ukraine-labs-germ-warfare-1685956

Best Professional Regards.

P.S. I was recently censored by 'progressive' Daily Kos site because I
do not fit the demonization of Putin narrative disseminated by the
West's propaganda.

Jose R R
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