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> Hi All,


I want to get some opinions on whether to merge my work on standalone
> test automation into trunk and possibly AOO42X and AOO41X or leave it in
> a branch and use it from there.
> Six months ago I posted this [1] on qa@ and cc'd this list about the
> work and haven't got any negative feedback so far.
> Since this is a larger architectural issue that may affect someone who
> runs the test suites after a build with some sort of scripts I wanted to
> discuss it.
> As I don't know if or how everyone uses them I wanted to give everyone
> an opportunity to comment.
> For those not familiar, this change allows anyone with Ant and Java to
> compile and run the automated test suites without having first needed to
> build the complete office from source as long as they have an office
> with an sdk installed. This can be a conventional installation or by
> having built the "installed" package from source and copied it to a
> folder and the sdk into it.
> For instance, this allows me to run tests on Windows and CentOS 8 even
> though I don't have a build environments for them like I do for multiple
> Linux versions.
> Basically this change is in where the Java UNO jars and other
> dependencies like javamaker, remerge, and idlc tools are found for test
> compilation . I've changed it from the build output directories to the
> target office and sdk instead.

Yes, that's a great idea.

> Since they are standalone from the build, the test directory can be
> copied separately and used from another location so it's not dependent
> on which branch it's used from unless a test is added that is branch
> specific like testing something that only exists in AOO42X or trunk.
> Technically it could be in another Git repo even.
> I'd like to propose some options in the order I prefer and get some
> opinions.
> 1. Merge standalone-test branch into trunk and cherry-pick it into
> AOO41X and AOO42X.  After that, any new tests that don't apply to AOO41X
> stay in trunk and AOO42X as appropriate but as of now all tests apply.
> This option seems to require the least maintenance after the merge and
> allows you to use from which ever branch is checked out to align with
> what you want to test.
> 2. Merge standalone-test branch into trunk only.  Any test work after
> that wouldn't be affected by whether they are standalone or not. As
> mentioned before the test directory is not dependent on the build
> version (yet anyway) but this could change if tests are added that don't
> apply to AOO41X for instance. At that point some tests not intended for
> AOO41X would cause problems.
> 3. Leave standalone-test in it's own branch. This is more of a
> maintenance issue as work done here needs picked into more branches but
> it is an option.

I think (2) is best. Tests sensitive to the AOO version can check the
version themselves.

> [1] https://lists.apache.org/thread/v6bnty1qxho4o5hmt4pg0rw00yxzrhx8
> Please let me know if you have any questions.
> Thanks,
> Carl

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