Hi Arrigo,

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Dear All,

trunk has seen quite a lot of work recently, and because it's trunk,
it is proceeding in a somewhat hidden way.

Due to the fact that the last post on our blog is already 3 months
old, I suggest we make a new post to just tell what it is going on
behind the scenes.

The most relevant things that we I could list are the following:

  - OpenSSL upgrade (this is related to security, encryption
    and digital signatures);

  - implementation of OOXML encryption (this helps compatibility with
    other office suites);

  - fix of compilation errors under the latest Ubuntu (this helps
    contributors build and test AOO on their systems)

  - allow pasting of vector graphics (this helps making prettier documents)

  - various fixes in documentation, help files and interface (this
    makes the overall user experience smoother)

  - various spelling fixes in the source code and documentation (this
    helps developers)

  - various code fixes and cleanups (this helps developers focus on
    interesting things)

Some other commits look ``important'' but I cannot explain them and
need some help:

  * 00ab6c3f8bc46b7dee5058d1206cc64de18809de
    Removing all High Contrast icons from 'Classic' icon set.

This is just a cleanup.

Preparation for the (planned) separation of icon sets.



I prepared a draft on our wiki at [1], so anyone can contribute to the
text.  I am no native English speaker, nor marketing expert... feel
free to correct it!

Can we sort out something in this weekend? It would be great to
publish, say, on April 2nd!

Comments and suggestions welcome.

Best regards.


  1: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/x/1gniEQ

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