Hi Damjan
Thank you for the reply, the macro and detailed instructions!

> On 04/04/2024 5:37 PM WEST Damjan Jovanovic <dam...@apache.org> wrote:
> To get further details:
> Open the attached "Logging macros" file (we allow attachments on this list, 
> right?).
> Allow macros when prompted.
> Tools -> Macros -> Run macro, under "Logging macros.ods" expand "Standard", 
> select "logging", on the right side select "LogWebDavToConsole", and click 
> "Run".
> Exit OpenOffice.
> Start OpenOffice from the command line, with output redirected to a file, eg:
> soffice 2>&1 | tee ~/webdav-log.txt
> Make your WebDav connection. If you used the above command, the command line 
> window can be placed side-by-side with OpenOffice, and you can watch the 
> logging interactively.
> When it fails, exit OpenOffice, and attach ~/webdav-log.txt to your reply 
> email, after removing any sensitive info (eg. passwords) from the log.
After installing canberra-gtk-module the only line I get in the log is
** (soffice:12094): WARNING **: 22:36:39.392: Unknown type: GailWindow
which apparently is a long know message, and nothing else.
The message "Nonexistent object. Nonexistent file" pops up but it is not 
registered in the log.
Any ideas? Could this simply be a kernel issue since it works correctly in 
Ubuntu 22.04?

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