Hi Allen,

On 22nd of October 2006 Allen Pulsifer wrote:
>> NOTINCHOOSER excludes it from the filter dialog, the awful 
>> dialog you get when OOo can't find a filter.
> Hello Mathias,
> Thank you, that is helpful.
> Is there sample file somewhere that causes OOo to bring up the filter
> dialog?  I wanted to test NOTINCHOOSER but I'm unable to get this dialog to
> appear.

The only time I saw this dialog was, when I tried to open a calc
document on a machine with a writer-only installation.

If there is no other way, like opening a document with a type not
connected to openoffice using the "open with ..." switch in a file
explorer or give such a document as an argument on commandline,
then installing OOo with e.g. the writer module only may help.

> Thanks,
> Allen

Hope this helps.


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