starting with the DEV300m68 build the libraries "cui" and "msfilter" are
not built in svx anymore.

The code for the "cui" library has been moved to an own module called
(surprise!) "cui". It also got an own resource file, including its own
resource IDs and Help IDs. In result the svx resource file was reduced
in size by a little bit more than 50%.
The build time of the svx module is also reduced considerably.

The code for the "msfilter" library has been moved into a sub folder in
the "filter" module (filter/source/msfilter and filter/inc/filter/msfilter).

Please don't put new files into svx/source/cui and svx/source/msfilter
anymore. Instead of this please resync to m68, once it is ready, and
then add your files to the appropriate folder in cui or to

If you want to add resources to CUI and for whatever reason want to make
them publicly known, please add them to the appropriate section in
svx/inc/svx/dialogs.hrc, where starting with DEV300m68 comments explain
where these shared IDs are used.


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