starting with the DEV300m68 a new module "svl" will be part of our
build. The code in this module isn't just a 1:1 copy of the former svl
library built in the svtools module, it is a library that contains as
much code as possible from svtools that does not have any vcl or toolkit
dependency. This allowed to link the following modules without sfx2,
svtools, vcl and toolkit (after some more or less massive code "massage"):

- connectivity
- xmloff
- linguistic
- xmlhelp
- lingucomponent
- embedserv

embeddedobj will follow (it has remaining svtools and vcl dependencies
that will be fixed in cws svxsplit (issue 107449).

Some code from svtools has been moved into "unotools" (character
conversion, locale settings) as that allowed to use it in vcl also.

Please refrain from reintroducing dependencies on svtools, toolkit,
goodies, or vcl into these libraries or any other libraries that not
already depend on one of these. Such code is best put into svtools
itself (or libraries located "higher" than it).


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