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Mathias Bauer schrieb:
> Markus Daniel wrote:
>> I tried to load the documents with OpenOffice, this works fine, but the
>> layout was not like the original sdw-Files and the pdf-export in early
>> OpenOffice-Versions is not so good as needed.
>>> Perhaps you can find an SO5 copy somewhere (as this was available as a
>>> free download at some point in time) and - if you are lucky - this
>>> version handles your SO3 documents properly.
>> I will try this approach, thank you for the tipp.
>> Can you tell me if the command promt call of a macro works or not?
>> "soffice3.exe macro:///lib.module.macro1"
> Sorry, I don't remember. My recommendation would be to use SO5 (if you
> can find one) for conversion to the latest sdw format (that OOo can
> hopefully import better) and then use OOo1 and your macro to export to PDF.

I found SO5, installed it and tried to open the SO3-Documents in SO5 but
the layout of the Documents in SO5 is broken, looks like the documents
look in OpenOffice103.

> In case that doesn't work, please ask again.

It does not work. Better: It works but SO5.2 interprets the layout not
like SO3.1. E.g. page breaks are different and while SO31 shows "?" SO52
and OpenOffice103 shows "DM".

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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