On Sun, 27 Sep 2009 20:14:31 +0200, Frederik Ramm wrote:

> is a bit expensive to compute, and the bounding box offered by the API
> is just meant to be a quick "index" that gives you an idea of which
> changesets could be relevant to the bbox you are looking at.

I thought about one more thing, ok, so to check if somebody is editing in 
my area it is expensive to check... so I had one other idea.

Could you somehow add the size of the bounding box in RSS feed? And also 
that I can choose only to see edits of certain size when looking at 
OSM.org site.

I would like to see on OSM.org changeset page info how big bounding box 
is, and not only "Area (big)" if it is bigger that some arbitrary size.

Could there be some rough categories, like; under 100km2, under 500km2, 
under 1000km2, under 5000km2, under 10000km2, etc...

And that this value is also visible in RSS freed so I can filter it via 
yahoo pipes.

That this suggestion makes sense or am I talking rubbish?

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