We've (Matt Amos, Tom Hughes, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason and myself) just
had a discussion on IRC about an export of the GPX/GPS-data (Matt
called it "planet.gpx") and I'd like to post our findings here and
hope to get some more ideas/feedback in.

A few notes:
* All the uploaded GPX files are kept in their original form
* We'd have to respect the visibility options

The easiest for now would be to just throw all the GPX files that are
marked as Identifiable or Public in a compressed file and add a file
with (XML?) metadata about those traces.
Tom said that we'd lose 25% of all GPX files this way (they are either
Private or Trackable) but it would be the easiest option for now. In a
second step we could use the GPS-point data from the database to write
custom GPX-files that comply with the visibility settings.

I'd take a look at it if no one else is working on it but if someone
else is interested I'd gladly step back :)


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