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> Hi All,
> I want to apply for OSM GSoC.
> I am having idea of "StyleSheet Generator for OSM", i.e. users can
> create style-sheets of their own choice based upon their own
> preferences and requirements and those stylesheets can be used using
> any renderer.

> Using this maps for Map for visually handicapped can be created
> easily, the one who can't read small fonts or are having color
> blindness, so that maps suitable for them can be easily available.
> This can have many more benefits like any one who wants to show
> particular roads or points on the map can generate the style-sheets
> for that.
If the stylesheet generator have a proper use case like the above, I would
totally vote for it. I wouldn't want to see another stylesheet converter

Also, if you can provide presets for stylesheets and help people to tweak
that in a proper GUI, that would be interesting. But I guess tilemill does
that job right now pretty well.

One more thing is that there is lot of work already has been done to
> set up map tile server that one can easily do that using few commands,
> and that can be more useful applied with stylesheet generator.
> Please let me know If something similar already exist so that I can
> check that and can look for improvements in that if required.
> If there is nothing exist similar, this can be feasible during the
> GSoC time period.
> Please give your valuable suggestions, feedback and improvements or
> anything else that can be done along with this idea.
> Thank You.
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