Three changesets were found to be accidentally deleting quite large
amounts of correct data. I have informed the user and asked him to
wait until revert is completed. Changesets in question are: 36781121,
36781218 and 36781956.

  I'm starting with the last one and intend to revert all three.

  But there I have a problem, JOSM reverter plugin does not work (it
fetches info but does not apply any changes and does not complain
about anything) and there was info on weeklyosm that reverter plugin
is broken at this time.

  I then tried reverter scripts (as per
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Revert_scripts). But running:
  ./revert.pl 36781956

  fetches objects, identifies correct delete/modify operations to be
done but then fails with:

  PUT changeset//close
Use of uninitialized value $body in concatenation (.) or string at
OsmApi.pm line 227.

  I'm still running in dry mode. I wonder if I could proceed anyway or
should I ask somebody else (DWG?) for help?

  Thank you

P.S. I'm running scripts on fedora 23.


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