2018-02-14 10:30 GMT+01:00 Michael Reichert <michael.reich...@geofabrik.de>:

> Hi,
> people are talking about potential changes to the amount of (personal)
> data distributed by OSM, in the light of new data protection laws
> becoming effective in the EU this May.

it seems Brexit could become effective March next year. Maybe we just wait?
What is the UK position regarding the planned EU data protection amendments?

> All challenges are run four times, one iteration with full metadata, one
> with timestamp and version fields, one with version field only and one
> without any metadata.

if you consider timestamps and version fields private data, you could also
consider object ids private data (they are assigned consecutively, you
could create delete frequently "test" objects to correlate object ids and
timestamps ;-) ).

I really hope we will not obfuscate or remove meta data because of some EU
privacy regulation, please do not overreact.

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