2018-02-14 17:49 GMT+01:00 Simon Poole <si...@poole.ch>:

> Generally I would prefer if we could simply have two versions of
> everything, one with metadata for authenticated users/consumers one
> without.

+1. This sounds like sane measures, the metadata is really an important
part for the community to work with the map.

I believe it is an overreaction to speculate about privacy issues with osm
metadata, which is pseudonymous data. You cannot deanonimize it without
other, additional data (e.g. real name, address, ideally combined with the
same nickname elsewhere, habits, interests, etc.). Yes, you can find the
center of activity of an active mapper, in some cases even the interests,
but that doesn't mean you can tell the residence or identity (save maybe
very few situations of people living in very low density areas). There also
isn't a very direct correlation of your edit and you being at a place (IP
addresses shouldn't be released of course), you can (and many do) add
something weeks, months or even years after you have observed it, you might
have used aerial imagery, or internet research, or mapillary, or edited for
a friend...

If it is required nonetheless, I'm with Roland, we should ask for explicit

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