2018-04-16 18:34 GMT+02:00 Marco Boeringa <ma...@boeringa.demon.nl>:

> No, buildings are not the most interesting. I once generalized all
> buildings in Denmark. It only reduced the storage by maybe 5%, at the high
> cost of heavily distorting a large number of them. Most buildings in OSM
> are in fact already in their most generalized state: just 4 nodes. Unless
> you think triangles is a suitable representation ;-).

it really depends on the zoom levels (=detail you want) and building
structure. If there is a closed building block there may be a lot of those
4-node-houses which all together could be generalized to one 4 node block.
If there are scattered houses in a rural setting, you still can omit the
smaller ones or make one bigger structure by combining several smaller
ones. Many buildings also do have more than 4 nodes.

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