This can be done with the Overpass API, not the OSM editing API


This should give you all ways within 25 m of a point with the maxpseed tag. Be warned though: Most of the main overpass servers do have access limits, and building a business relying on things that can be shut off without warning might not be a good idea.

On 16/04/2019 09:09, TrackingCentral wrote:

I am wanting to be able to return the current road my passing a http request to 
the api endpoint passing the co ordinates of the users location with each 

Just wondering if this function already exist and it is a matter of sending the 
http request to the api each time ???

Basically I have gps tracking devices that send location data to my server 
every 3 second and want the road speed of their location determined by the api 
and returned each time I send the http request to the api endpoint.

Can you also advise the variable name that is returned that will hold the road 

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