I'm looking for feedback/interest in a new open source software project idea.  
This project is intended to address the problem of systematically combining 
private geo-spatial datasets with OSM data.  There can be overlap (in terms of 
objects) between the private geo-spatial datasets and with OSM and the 
project's goal is to de-duplicate and to merge all objects together to produce 
a new single, consistent, more complete dataset.  The reason why this is needed 
is that organizations have private datasets that will take time/never be pushed 
into OSM.  The thought is that if there was a platform that could facilitate 
this merge process then organizations could better make use of OSM and would 
also be in more of a position to contribute data back to OSM (the platform 
could output the resulting dataset as a series of changesets).

At a high level, the platform would provide an API to ingest datasets and an 
API to define the specification needed to define the target layer to do 
processing.  This specification per layer would define:

(1) how to extract the layer from OSM
(2) how to do validation of the private datasets
(3) how to do deduping
(4) how to do the merge

Note that the above elements of the specification are all user defined 
particularly note deduping and merge algorithm.  They are user defined and 
defined per layer.

There would be an output API where clients could extract the resulting combined 
dataset of a given layer.

A concrete example use case would be combining the building footprints released 
by Microsoft with buildings in OSM.  The output would be the deduped superset 
of the two.

Would the OSM community be receptive to this sort of project and be open for 
collaboration?  If this is not the proper forum to ask, please let me know 
where else I can go to ask.

Thank you!

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