Hi everyone,
I know that making a good working groups is hard and only facebook succeed
in that, and that's why we don't have any way to group users or friends at

But can we have at lest something, maybe not so great as slack or fb,
but anything to group contacts in friends list and create some sort of
local mailing list or group discussions?

I'm living in a third city since I've start to edit OSM so there are local
friends in my list, friends from the places where I used to live before,
some of the contacts from conferences all in one list.

I'm trying to get in touch with local mappers around me, and writing 30+
letters to invite people the meetup is quite cumbersome.

So as a first step, can we create some way of grouping friends in a contact
As a second step, can we discuss how to invite a group of people to discuss
something all together without third party tools?

Best regards,
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