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On Thu, 30 May 2019 at 19:38, Justmapzz Rodolfo <rodo...@justmapzz.com> wrote:
> Here is another victim of your usage policy.
> I am the main developer of Justmapzz, which uses GMAP.NET for map viewing.
> Since 2 days our users can no longer view OSM, because you blocked that 
> library for everybody.
> We have always used GMAP.NET  "as is", without diving into the code.
> Now that Grant Slater indicated a portion of the code that defines a 
> user-agent, I had a close look at that detail and I must admit, that this 
> definition of the user-agent gives room for doubt, but mainly because it 
> makes it more difficult for you to develop server behaviour, based on the 
> user-agent info.
> So I changed the definition of the user-agent to a fixed string complying 
> with the directions for the syntax of user-agents and checked the response of 
> your tile server to discover that nothing has changed, still error 403. 
> Apparently you use more filter conditions.

For the benefit of others, here is the semi-random generated
User-Agent the GMAP.NET library creates:

And the GMAP.net's developer's response:

> But wait a minute! A user agent was not designed for access control, but 
> mainly for indicating the nature of a request initiator (=the software) to 
> optimize the web response (an exception to this is the detection and blocking 
> of bots).

Yes, please review the "Technical Usage Requirements" here:
https://operations.osmfoundation.org/policies/tiles/ and once you are
in compliance the tiles will work for you again.
The service is free. We are not paid for you using it. I am a
volunteer. The service is primarily for OpenStreetMap mappers and
hobbyists doing cool and novel things.

> That is why the vast majority of service providers use license keys, or 
> whatever they call them.
> Then every web request must include the license key in order to gain access 
> to the requested information.
> This system also makes it easy to check the usage level or block an 
> individual license for any reason, without affecting other users.

Should we implement it them? Are you willing to develop the supporting
stack for us?
Who will maintain it?

> In this case, it would be much easier to detect the users that cause capacity 
> problems and block only the problematic users, instead of "punishing" all 
> users of a certain app, based on the software libraries, that app uses.
> Have you ever considered the introduction of a license key system?
> In the mean time, what must we do to comply with your usage policy, other 
> than changing the user-agent, which appeared to be insufficient?
> Thanks for any help.

See above.

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