Title: Re: [OSM-dev] OSM tile server issue
Hi Grant,

I think that response from radioman is pretty awkward to put it politely.
The problem is, that imho gmap.net used to be a very good product, however, radioman stopped development over a year ago.
It is now maintained by  

About the license keys:
> Should we implement it them? Are you willing to develop the supporting
> stack for us?
> Who will maintain it?
Of course, I am prepared to help!
I think Osm is a great project and we try to promote its improvement and use as much as we can.
We even launched a simple app Osmate recently, aimed at the less technical users to teach them how they can improve the map, because the most heard complaint about OSM is routing errors, due to wrong map data.
I used to design SQL server databases, so maybe I can be useful for some aspects of the development of a license system.

>  > Heavy use (e.g. distributing an app that uses tiles from
> openstreetmap.org) is
>  > forbidden without prior permission from the System Administrators.
> Do you have such permission?  

When we started the development of Justmapzz in 2013, we looked into the requirements of the service providers involved and I thought, we had addressed all requirements by registering api-keys, user-tokens and various kinds of licenses for all those providers (we maintain about 12 licenses now).
In 2013, OpenStreetMap did not (to my best knowledge) require permission for the use of map tiles or we did not find any relevant information about it, so the short answer to your question is: no, we don't have permission. Of course we must get this right, so hereby I ask permission to use your tile servers for Justmapzz and Osmate.

Kind regards,
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