On 06/08/2019 15:06, Tom Hughes wrote:
On 06/08/2019 14:45, Dave F via dev wrote:

Why are you mentioning 'rendering'?

Because I thought we were talking about map exports?

I am.
"Main Page > Export" makes *no* mention of rendering.

I assume you meant the raw data export? That is the
standard API limit

& I'm enquiring if that limit can be updated.

- all that export does is redirect
to the same API that JOSM etc use.

Yes, I've noticed the limitations of JOSM. It's one of the reasons I don't use it as my general editor.

That really isn't something that I would expect
anybody much to use - if you want bulk data then
sue the planet. The API is for editors.

I don't think anyone would expect to "bulk" download, but surely a town or even a suburb should be acceptable?

Again we should really never have added that to
the share tab

Again,  the 'share tab' is something I never mentioned Why are you reluctant to read what's in front of you?

as it just encourages people to think
that is the correct way to reuse OSM data.

It's up to them how the reuse the data.


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